Let’s SMASH!

19th August 2007 at 12:49 am

Dear Chibi,

SMASH was good, and went beyond my expectation. I think they did a pretty good job on this event and the roundhouse was filled! Go promos. Today I dressed in EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) style and Kaz cosplayed as Tifa- that was fun =) Jacky, Kaz, Mark and I went around checking out the cosplays, stalls, the artist alley, panel, games but actually started the day with “Anime Dating game”. It had a funny concept, but the questions went on for a bit too long and I lost interest. A male cross-dressing as Tomoyo was a bit too much for me ^^; There’s more to it but some things are best left unsaid.
I thought “Cosplay Chess” was one highlight of the day..it was so amusing!! I can’t believe only Tifa (Kaz), the pawn was left with Pegasus (King).. that was hilarious. I thought there was a lot of interaction between the audience, chess pieces (the cosplayers) and the chess players. Good stuff… still can’t believe they lost though. During this event I missed out on “Iron Artist” which happened on the same time…oh wells.
The “Barrel Game” was a little depressing…lol…missed a chance at obtaining the barrel (lost in the game of rock, scissors, paper XD) During the day we bumped into Newway and Alex, M12-Emily-Meeko, Peggy, Cabbage, Kabuki, Blox, a bunch of UNSW Anime Club members, Mark’s friends and Kazzy’s friends (did I miss anyone?) It was good to see them ^_^

We saw the Ouran Host Club, but didn’t really go in and sit down… the Maid Cafe had a maid, which was alright..there may have been more earlier on…I hope. We went out of kenso and had lunch at a Noodle House and got some hot stuff to eat. When we came back it was time for some entertainment at the main stage with the live dubbing, the skits and various games. I think the MCs were really good here.. much more entertaining than ones at Animania (who didnt seem to have much clue of anime)… these guys were funny and very good with improvisation- at least I was entertained.

The artist alley had some original work, some yaoi and some fanart. Some were impressive but I’m not sure if I got inspired or not. I went to SMASH intending to learn a few things at the panels, but wasn’t actually in the mood on the day. My my.. was that expected? =p

Now onto the Cosplay Competition! There were quite a lot of cosplayers, but the most popular this year had to be DEATH NOTE. A lot of Death Note appeared on stage and I’m not surprised considering its pretty popular.. Death Note was also screened during the day. There were quite a few anime I wasn’t familiar with but the costumes were nice to look at nevertheless. So glad Peggy end up cosplaying as Lulu again.. she was so cool >_< Ones from Final Fantasy this year were Songstress Yuna and Lenne and FFX Rikku.

I probably forgot to mention some things since I’m a bit sleepy at the moment. Overall.. I think this can be a substitute for Animania. It has more events, is a lot cheaper and the fandom is still there. I think people who didn’t go to SMASH this year should consider it next year anyway :)

Afterwards we headed home for dinner and watched 2 movies before Jacky left. ah.. need to sleep and be refreshed for some hard work tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Let’s SMASH!”

  1. Ray says:

    Awesome!!! Did sound like a fun day. After reading that, I am thaaaaaaaaaaaaat much more convinced to go to Smash next year. Good promo for SMASH Jen ;)

    One thing…. did Cosplay Chess separate to black and white coloured characters?

  2. Chibi says:

    haha, nope. Had to remmeber which piece was which..though it was fairy easy to remember which side they were on. Every time a chess piece dies, the attacking piece would throw on some pose XD

  3. kaz says:

    SMASH was AWESOMENESS ^^ Cosplay Chess was fun fun xD The Tomoyo was …very SCARY though o_0;;!!