how much of a fan..?

15th July 2007 at 7:37 pm

Dear Chibi,

I can’t get NANA out of my head now. I knew it was a bit of a dangerous move to watch an anime series in the middle of Uni year, especially one as good as this. Last night I watched another 10 episodes, which meant I watched 20 episodes in two days o_o Today I was forcing myself to work on my Winter Gen Ed assignments, but in the back of my head NANA would be there. In fact, even as I type this I’m trying hard not to watch any until I’ve done a decent amount of work. To backup my statement further… I had a dream I was hanging out with Nana- she was SO COOL.. lol… this isn’t..good.

From previous experience, my mind works like this: If it’s good and I have to keep watching it, then watch it all as quickly as possible so you can get over it sooner!

That doesn’t sound very nice though, to kinda “get over it” but I need to look at the big picture and see what’s really most important. I remember the old days people would say I’m an “anime freak”, but really..I’m not. I’m NOTHING compared to those crazy otaku such as M12 who has probably watched 100x more series than I have. I occasionally watch anime, buy manga, collect some figurines but that’s about it. I don’t watch series just to say “look how many anime titles I know/seen!” I’m pretty specific and picky on titles and won’t see series just because everyone is watching it, like Naruto or Bleach. Death Note is a different story though, I know it’s going to be good based on Jen’s Trusted Sources. It is likely that’s the next series I’ll watch after Nana, which will probably happen at the end of this year- when Uni’s over.

For the meantime.. I just wanna say I love NANA. I wish it didn’t occupy my head in such a time, but I’m glad I’m enjoying it as much as I am.

3 Responses to “how much of a fan..?”

  1. Somps says:

    Hahahaha! Now you know how I felt when I was watching it. Its soo good. The only thing is that you already have the eps downloaded so you can get them out of the way quick. Me on the other hand had to wait for eps to finish buffering. So though it gave me time for my to do work in the meantime…I was distracted on keeping watch to see if it was done or not. :P

  2. M12 says:

    Hey hey what are you saying about me XD XD XD?
    Yeah I gotta watch Death Note sometime too. I’ve got too many other series going on though. Must watch it sometime. It is hyped very much. And yes, I also do not watch Naruto or One Piece. They are so Shounen :S…

  3. Chibi says:

    This slightly reminds me of my Inuyasha craze some time last year…good thing NANA isn’t 100+ episodes long! 47 episodes is still a lot, but I’m gonna try not watch so much of it at a time, since it kinda makes me feel “lost” and hard to focus on my work.