Rinoa’s back (pun unintended)

16th June 2007 at 9:59 pm

Dear Chibi,

To those guys who went to Animania with me last year may remember a girl coming up to me asking if she could have a picture of my back ^_^; I must say, that was one very unusual experience- I didn’t quite know how to react. Well, I very randomly found it here. How random? Well, I was searching for pictures of Riku from Kingdom Hearts and ended up there. The fact I went to search for Riku pics is even more random (I’m not even a fan, but yeh =p it must be fate!).

Looking back at cosplay pics makes me want to cosplay again. I’m resisting though! Costume making is very time consuming, especially for beginners such as myself. With my busy schedule this year, I doubt I have the time to make a costume, and whether or not I’ll be attending Animana this year is another story. Guess only time can tell- who knows, I may be lucky enough to be on top of my workload (haha..asking a lot there..)

Another question posed is.. who do I want to cosplay as? I know Final Fantasy characters are waaaay overdone, but they’re the only ones I actually want to cosplay as. I’ve thought through a list of anime characters, but none particularly appeal to me. Sailor Moon is a character I’d LOVE to cosplay.. one day- like, if I’m ever super super good with sewing XD I donno if I have the long legs and good looks for that though, hahaa.. plus her hair will be crazy. So Sailor Moon out the window until I’m very very good (not that I’m practicing so the chances are very slim).

The only other costumes that came in mind were all overdone:

Summoner Yuna (FF X) – I love her outfit, it’s really really elegant.

Songstress Yuna (FFX-2)-  I love the top and skirt.

Aeris (FF7)-  I just like Aeris, lol.  Her hair would be difficult since it’s so long, especially the fringe. Don’t think I could pull it off very well..haha.

7 Responses to “Rinoa’s back (pun unintended)”

  1. kaz says:

    ^__^ That’s so cool how you ende dup finding that pic! And we get why she only took a pic of the back and not the front! hehe~~ mystery solved!

    Cosplaying last year was heaps of fun! Quite exciting and all..but who and how to cosplay really is the biggy question =\

  2. Somps says:

    Haha how funny. And this is another reason to why I don’t cos play – you never know where your pictures wld be posted up. :P

  3. M12 says:

    You have to come to animania =O!! It’s anime =O!
    Final Fantasy = Terra Branford =D

  4. Somps says:

    What? Get dressed up in pixels? :P

  5. chibi says:

    ahahahahaa… that’s the funniest comment.

  6. M12 says:

    Gah show some respect =P…
    But speaking of which, there was actually a guy who cosplayed as Mario from NES. He really did dress up in pixels. What an awesome dude.

  7. Emily says:

    Wai!! You have to come! Sailor Moon’s an awesome idea ^_^ I reckon you’ll look great =D