time to relax

7th June 2007 at 11:33 pm

Dear Chibi,
Officially the mid year break~ I played pool against some new faces I met today in the common room~ wooty.
Today the group decided to hang out and went to have lunch at Burgalicious before heading to watch Shrek 3 in the City. It wasn’t the first option, but it’s pretty hard to cater for about 10 people so Shrek it was! I enjoyed the movie, there were plenty of laughs and cute bits, but the overall story was a bit..ordinary? Lots of predictable parts but hey, it’s still funny and donkey still ownz! I always thought Shrek himself was rather uninteresting ^^;;

After the movie, the guys headed off to Kenso Campus for the end of session party, while Jacky and I had our own plans ^_^ What can I say..on a blog? hahaa…

It was very relaxing. I’ll remember it ^^

6 Responses to “time to relax”

  1. M12 says:

    Yeah I had a great time. God bless everything for coming =D. Shrek 3 had some eye rolling moments. Major eye rolling moments. But also some hilarious moments. Major hilarious (at least imo) moments.
    Enjoy you break chibi =D.

  2. Somps says:

    Good to hear that you enjoyed yourself. :) Yay for the holidays!

  3. Chibi says:

    How was the Session party? ^_^

  4. Mii says:

    Don’t ask.

  5. Somps says:

    Twas all good and dandy while I was still there. Just disappointed that I had to leave so early. :P

  6. Emily says:

    Hey Chibi ^^

    Glad you had fun … the session party was great, though the weather got a little… cold xD

    Yay, have a great holiday ;)