The super rare and expensive

9th March 2007 at 11:45 am

it’s all about supply and demand, really.

Dear Chibi,

Taking a break from the excessively boring Digital Theory and Aesthetic reader, I was browsing through Tamarket and came across the most ADORABLE figurines ^.^ They are so dead gorgeous, and Illya is just so funny there…

But anyways, since they’re SUPER RARE WONDERFEST ’06 EXCLUSIVE limited edition, they cost $175 ^^ Thats a bit too much even for a figurine maniac such as myself. lol. They shall remain here for me to look at, haha.

I also came across this Gothic Lolita dress, and it’s soooo pretty!! How lovely is this design? I would love to wear something like this, honestly. $185..hehe..


3 Responses to “The super rare and expensive”

  1. Tinnie says:

    lol, i’m currently taking a break from the very boring 100 page chapter on competition or something.

    I agree, the figurines are cutteee.. i lik the middle one.
    ohh ohh, and the dress looks awsome, but i don’t think i’d wear it in public though. lol

  2. chibi says:

    hehe, yeh…would just need to find an occasion to wear it XD It would be a waste to own one though and never wear it in public.

  3. Riku says:

    its sweet