Return of Condor Heroes

2nd February 2007 at 12:15 pm

Dear Chibi,

While my Uni buddies have been working on various projects this break, Chibi has been enjoying [Return of Condor Heroes 06] starring Liu Yi Fei. We can clearly see who has been productive this break, can’t we?

After putting it off for months, I’ve decided to resume watching this Chinese production. It’s actually quite good… so even though it’s in Mandarin, I’m still willing to watch it with Chinese subtitles. I haven’t actually watched other versions of ROCH (despite being written by famous Jin Yong), except some scenes from TVB starring Louis Koo and Carmen Lee in 1995.

Liu Yi Fei’s (Xiao Long Nu) acting skills has improved a lot, and the fighting scenes just look fabulous. I haven’t seen Huang Xiao Ming (Yang Guo) act before.. but don’t be surprised as I’ve only started watching China productions. He makes a really good looking Yang Guo! I love it when his hair is all messed up (laughs). Yi Fei is stunning too. Can’t wait to see more =)


5 Responses to “Return of Condor Heroes”

  1. kaz says:

    When I watch Yang Guo, I can’t stop looking at his hair! XD

    P.s: Weren’t there English subtitles too?

  2. Mi says:

    One of your uni buddies has been watching anime and getting senile these holidays, so not “all” of us are productive.

  3. Chibi says:

    Ah yes, some had English subtitles, and yet it’s still a little hard to follow! I guess since it’s very ‘poetic’ that makes it a bit difficult.

    yay, I’m not the only one XD

  4. Ray says:

    O_O!!! Waaa!!!

    Reading Chinese Subtitles??? Bows down _O_

  5. M12 says:

    M12 can read Chinese Subs too! Bow down to me muhahahaha~~~ ;D