felt like months!

9th December 2006 at 6:47 pm

No, it wasn’t boring, trust me.
Dear Chibi,

Long time no see! hehee..well actually it has only been roughly 2 weeks, but I feel like I was on a holiday for ages! haha. Well, after 8 hours on the plane, I’m back- in one piece (ignore the aching neck and broken bones) Boy, I’ve caught the plane 6 times in 2 weeks!
Australia –> HK —> South Korea (Seoul) —> South Korea (Jeju) —> South Korea (Seoul) —> HK —> Home Sweet Home! lol.

Plane rides are a bit too lengthy- I was happily playing Mah Jong against the computers, winning 8/8 rounds- and then they HAD to just die..and leave me nothing to do except watch TV (which wasn’t too bad, but I want to play Mah Jong- I was winning! :p)

During the first plane ride to HK, I realised:
1) I can’t unscramble words
2) I know nothing about music. history. geography. sport. Trivia totally killed me. XD

“How many players in a BasketBall Team?” < — o.o?

LOL…I have no clue!! Don’t kill me.

Now, I should keep this short since I don’t wanna bore you to tears about how much fun it was for me (while you were at home =p)- BUT, lemme just..say some stuff. yeh? thanks ^_^ Okies, lemme continue typing.

Some weird (and annoying) stuff happened during the second day in HK…

Firstly, Mum’s ring went missing after I (randomly) put it on my finger. Why did I do that? It was sitting on the desk and I just happened to be there so I just did. After I tried it on, I took it off and put it back there. It was NO WHERE to be found…

Next, outside on the streets of HK; a Taxi driver literally tried to run us over without hesitation. We stood on the path since a taxi was driving through. He stopped there, indicated to us to walk across- and guess what? The moment we stepped on the road, he drove straight ahead! baka. People were hit by it, and he continued driving. I dodged it, it slightly hit Kaz on the leg. Good thing we had a somewhat fast reaction.

Thirdly, within 10 minutes of walking, Dad’s wallet was pinched.

Did you enjoy those stories? =p I told you I wouldnt just brag about how good my trip was. Oh, and these stories are true by the way, incase you were having doubts.

Time for quick stuff about South Korea =D
1) FREEZING. I thought the Snow Trip earlier in the year was cold..this was MINUS 5 degrees!! It even started snowing time to time. (pretty factor)
2) BEAUTIFUL. South Korea looked really nice. Its also very clean.
3) EXPENSIVE. I bought a cup of instant noodles for 800 WON. Currency was confusing. Stuff in Korea was very expensive; Dad happened to have bought a jacket in HK for 300 HKD, he saw the exact same jacket in Korea for what was worth equivalent to 1000 HKD. *cough*

oh oh, I gotta add that Sunny (one of the Tour guys) look and behave soooo much like Herbert!! So much similarities I keep thinking he’s Herbert instead. XD He was one funny man.
I have so much more to say, but i guess I’ll leave the rest for me to actually say, hehee. Some photos to share:

Is a kangaroo sitting on my head really necessary…? I did say it was freezing ^^;

Everland (Amusement Park in Seoul)

ooh..there’s little sheep on Kazzy’s head again.
Did I mention how much I love X-mas?

“Dai Cherng Gum” filming place. Ancient Korea.
They love their “pao choi” and hot pots…AND Ginseng (Yun Sum)
[Jeju] Damn, I miss those “rocks”
Where is this..? Who are they?
It’s in HK! Don’t we look so similiar there? teehee.
Lucky last….
Wow, she sure is tall!!
I hope you enjoyed all that ^^

2 Responses to “felt like months!”

  1. marcovello says:

    Sounds like u ppl had fun =D! Well, welcome back to australia =D.

  2. chibi says:

    Thanks ^^ It definately was a great experience.