End of Inuyasha?

19th November 2006 at 8:45 pm

Dear Chibi,

Just wanted to say, I’ve never seen such good Inuyasha episodes before!!! The last couple of episodes were even better than the previous episodes I’ve seen, especially episode 160-164…omg, they were sooo sweet and touching!! I enjoyed them so much. I have finally concluded the anime series at episode 167… What can I say but, “I wish there was more!!!” lol. As warned by others, the ending doesn’t really end and the story continues in the manga in which Takahashi Rumiko is still working on. I feel inclined to see it end! Next stop is Inuyasha the 4th Movie, although I doubt it is related to the main plot, but anything Inuyasha is awesome so I’m not complaining. I still think this anime is very good; despite the fact it is a little repetitive.

Forever Inuyasha <3


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