Inuyasha Marathon!

15th November 2006 at 11:01 pm

Dear Chibi,

It wasn’t planned…seriously…I didn’t know I would end up having an Inuyasha marathon..o.o Thats right, today I watched 25 episodes of Inuyasha, from ep 108-133, up to Season 6! OMG. I couldn’t help it…the story was GOOD… everytime I say I’m gonna stop the next episode, I see the preview and get hooked again. Got some good moments! awww…how sweet.

Miroku x Sango

inuyashamore18.jpg inuyashamore24.jpg inuyashamore41.jpg inuyashamore109.jpg

Inuyasha x Kagome

inuyashamore58.jpg inuyashamore59.jpg inuyashamore94.jpg inuyashamore66.jpg

Last night I had another nightmare, and this was the 2nd nightmare I’ve ever had related to Inuyasha. It wasn’t about the characters or story, but the demons -.- I’m not scared of them while watching, but somehow they make really scary nightmare characters…especially when it’s incorporated into people I know x.x Hope I won’t have that problem tonight.

12 Responses to “Inuyasha Marathon!”

  1. marcovello says:

    There’s an easter egg in that episode where kagome performs in some play (3rd screenshot from the bottom). Sometime during the ep, you can see Rum for Urusei Yatsura (Rumiko Takahashi’s very first manga) walking past =D

  2. chibi says:

    hehe, really? I wouldn\’t know since I havent seen Urusei Yatsura, but I think you\’re talking about the cosplayers in the episode..maybe XD

  3. kaz says:

    cool screencaps~~ I wanna watch too~ though I’ve already been watching bits and pieces while u’re watching them WITHOUT me T_T

  4. chibi says:

    ehee… ^^;; It’s just A LOT easier and faster to watch series yourself so you on’t have to wait for everybody to be free/in the mood to watch.

  5. marcovello says:

    i really wished u got to see Urusei Yatsura, cos it’s so hilarious =D. too bad u missed out on Maison Ikkoku, too. Inuyasha is good, but MI is the classic =). Might be too dated to watch now, though..

  6. Chibi says:

    I bad… I REALLY wanted to watch MI at first (like how I told you when I first met you)- but then it didn’t turn out that way.. was very outdated…but who knows, maybe I’ll go back to it after a while XD I have heard plenty of good reviews of it.

  7. Ray says:

    Hi Chibi !!!!

    I heard from Kaz you’ve been doing a Inuyasha Marathon, so I had to check it out!!! *rubs eyes* And OMG!! you are!!!! hahahah, how excitment….. *rubs eyes again*……

    How many eps of Inuyasha are there?

    I finnsih this blog with… “Don’t get square eyes” ;)

  8. chibi says:

    Hi Hi Ray ^^
    *sweatdrop* yes.. I’m working very hard this break, aren’t I? =p There are 165 episodes total, I’m a little stuck at 145, (missing episodes 146-159) currently tyring to download the rest, teehee..

    you my friend, need to update ur blog =p

  9. Ray says:

    ROFLMAO!!!! x 10000000 + 1

    Yesh…, I do have to update my blog ^_^”
    I suredy bob will do, pls give me a few weeks with my-skyblue launch , o chibi-san ^^…..

    But that’s not important !_! once you finish with Inuyasha… I have all together 209 episodes of Naruto ready >’_’

  10. Chibi says:


    20…9? o.o *blink* surenly u dont mean you’re gonna lend me 209 episodes of Naruto…? XD

  11. Ray says:

    oh wait!!! Woops…….

    not 209…….. i meant 210 ^^……..hahaha

    See you at the “won’t see you in 2 weeks party”!!!!

    *prods Jen….
    …can you help get this Naruto vest for me?
    It’s for cosplay …. :D

  12. Chibi says:

    I donno if I would be able to find it…. ^^;;