Nana 2 Anticipation

13th November 2006 at 9:05 pm

Dear Chibi,
I want to watch NANA2..can’t wait!! I just saw the trailer for it… so good X3 I wish Hachi didn’t change actress though. I miss Nana.. even though I’ve watched it 3 times before. I was thinking of getting the manga, but it’s very looong..





Official Trailer:

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  1. […] While watching the anime, I found myself feeling sad… while watching the live action movie, I found myself crying throughout the film. I’ve really wanted to watch this movie for quite some time but I couldn’t find the English subbed for it, and so eventually watched it on crunchyroll instead. I enjoyed it and it was faithful to the original which I liked, except the ending was better, hehe. I thought it was funny how characters like Junko had a scene that last about half a minute, teehee. No Sachikos though. I liked the choice they made in terms of which characters appeared and which parts were left out. Yuna Ito playing as Reira was funny.. I’m glad they decided to add the “Stella” part in the movie but it would have been cuter if she did that pose! […]