Animania 06

30th September 2006 at 11:34 pm

Dear Chibi,
Animania turned out pretty good this year compared to the previous year, however there was lacking Final Fantasy cosplays which was a bit disappointing.

Here’s some pics of my Rinoa Heartilly cosplay; this is a working-in-progress mini site dedicated to our first cosplay group “Lock Heartilly“; ‘Lock’ comes from Tifa Lockhart and Rinoa Heartilly.
So far I’ve only got my section up, I’ll try and get Kaz’s page up ASAP, please be patient ^^

Thanks to those guys for coming along =D Hope you had fun today.



37 Responses to “Animania 06”

  1. kaz says:

    Cosplaying was fun xD Though gotta admit, costume making process was time consuming

  2. marcovello says:

    yep yep it was a load of fun. Thanks for organising =D.

  3. Digilee says:

    Jen, looking goood! Love that hair on you, it looks so real^^ You look like you had LOTS OF FUN. Lucky it wasn’t winter.

  4. Tinnie says:

    Wheeeeeeeeeee…. this costume looks soooo coool=D can’t wait and see if u guys design more;)

  5. Nana-chan says:

    Chibi looks pretty ^ ^

  6. Chibi says:

    aawww, thanks ^^;; Must be the costume, hehee..

  7. CHEF says:

    wow…. i mean WOW… *speechless*

  8. chumpette says:

    WAAA XD….SOO KAWAII !!!!! You guys look awesome!

  9. somps says:

    Yep yep. Definately! *nods in agreement* ^_^

  10. amiyumi says:

    wow you guys look so cute!!! Do more cosplay next time xD…

  11. protozerox says:

    hey hey hey, i saw you at animania. just thought you ought to know

  12. Dave says:

    haha, nice. I saw this on MoonFantasy…you look awesome, great dress ^___^ I

  13. Johnny says:

    Bam! i can barely tell the difference with the real thing. Seriously though, very cute.

  14. swtllbabyangel says:

    wow….just wow. ^_^

  15. Mika says:

    Nice costume!! you look so pretty on it!! Nice!! ^o^ I hope to see more cosplaying of you!

  16. Chibisah says:

    Hi CJ, remember me!? XD Just wanted to say how awesome and adorable you look~!! ^.^ You look just like Rinoa!~ ^^;

  17. doox says:

    just awesome!

  18. IngSiang says:

    From Crystallised. XD So you have a twin sister? XD Yeap, you look very young, some 15-16. XD See you around again. Nice costume there. XD

  19. itakoaya says:

    hey! I was just searching for cosplay photos, found your site here and I\’m like \’omg! that\’s rinoa from Animania!\’ XD

  20. gateu says:

    I\’ve seen some of the work that you have posted on to your site It is so kewl. I thought you were like only 15 or 16 at first. then I read the answers to ur questions and like saw ur pic you\’re really pretty and by the way if you think I like, like you, NOOOOOOOOO WAYYYYYY!!! beucase I\’m a girl. anyway cool work keep going

  21. Astica says:

    Haha, I just stumbled upon this place today – and I\’m cosplaying Rinoa tomorrow XD You fit the character better though ^^; and your costume looks like it has more skill put into it XD

  22. Hunter says:

    I love Rinoa, ur so pretty too

  23. chibi says:

    Hi Astica, great to hear you’re also cosplaying as Rinoa ^^ Rinoa is a cool character!~ do share some pics ^^

  24. Nana-chan says:

    The ocean is pretty :) . It compliments you ^^

  25. chibi says:

    Thanks Hunter and Nana-chan XD You\’re embarrassing me.

  26. Nana-chan says:

    Your back is very photogenic ^^

  27. Frost says:

    Great work, Pretty costume (: where did u get the cloth to make it btw??

  28. chibi says:

    I searched far and wide for the cloth….searched sooo many stores but finally found it in spotlight..

  29. Frost says:

    u can find it in spotlight? Tha wings too? U did a really great job btw, continue to cosplay!!

  30. chibi says:

    ah no, you can only find the fabric material from spotlight, gotta sew it yourself, and make the wings too. The wings can essentially be any white material you want.. mine is soft and furry XD

  31. Aleysha says:

    amazing job with all your website i makin’ one of my own ‘cuss of yew ^_^

  32. jocie says:

    hi i’m jocie and i think your costume is super cool…did you knit it?

  33. chibi says:

    Hi jocie =) Nope, it just looks knitted but I bought the fabric looking like that.

  34. Brooke says:

    how did you make the duster? Is it fabric or knit?

  35. chibi says:

    Hi brooke, the duster is actually that material, so not knitted =) Knitted would be closer to the real thing, but difficult to do

  36. jocie says:

    may i ask you something? did you sew on buttons on that blue cloth before the tights?

  37. chibi says:

    Yup I did =)